For all teams that book a hotel accommodation package through the TOC, transport is included from the accommodation to and from the venues on all event days. Of course you can use our free shuttle service, but it’s also possible to travel the Dutch way by using our rental bikes.

By bike

Did you know there are more bicycles in the Netherlands than people? The easiest transport option in the Netherlands is by bike. If you choose this option a free bike will be available during the completion days. So you can cycle between the venues, accommodation and explore the city and its region without being dependent on transport timetables.

By bus

There will be a free shuttle service available leaving from different points nearby the sleeping accommodations to the venue and back. The bus time table will be confirmed once the schedule format is set, to ensure on time service.

Getting to Leeuwarden

The easiest way getting to Leewarden is by train. From Amsterdam Airport, the train is easy and convenient with a travel time of approximately 120 minutes from the airport to Leeuwarden at a cost of approximately €27,- per person for a one way ticket. Book your ticket one month in advance on

Choose your transport option

Please choose your transport option on the sleeping accommodation booking form. Your transportation choice will be market on your accreditation with a bike or bus sign. Only one option for each team can be chosen, it’s not possible to choose for both transport options or to switch one site.

Book your stay

Please consult the information bulletin for more information on the transport options and booking conditions. Do you have any further questions regarding transport? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via

Please note: there is no arranged transportation available for teams who arrange their own accommodation.

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