Rules of Ultimate 

Ultimate is a sport for everyone. Both young and old can have lots of fun with Ultimate. To be able to play this game, however, you first need to learn the rules.

The field

Ultimate Frisbee is played on a 100 x 37-metre field. That’s about the size of a football pitch, but about one-half smaller. The goal of Ultimate Frisbee is to score as many points as possible in the end zone. This is an 18-metre deep target area at the end of each half. After the initial throw, called ‘pull’ in frisbee terms, the players try, by working together, to get closer to the end zone. A team can score points by catching the frisbee in the end zone of the opponent. The team that first scores 15 points, wins.


In Ultimate, you are not allowed to walk with the disc, to touch your opponent, and after 10 seconds of having the disc in your possession, you must throw it to a fellow player. The defender of the person with the disc is allowed, if he or she comes within three meters of the disc, to count from 1 to 10 out loud. At ten, the person with the disc is counted out and the disc goes to the other team. The other team can also start a new attack when someone walks with the disc, a defender catches it or strikes it to the ground or across the lines, the attacker throws the disc across the lines or drops it.

Duration of the game and substitution of players

After one team has scored a point, the teams switch from end zone and they are allowed to substitute players. The game continues by a pull from the team that was the last to score. The other team can start the attack from the location where the disc lands or is caught. With Ultimate, a match is always divided into two halves. There is a break when one of the teams has scored eight times.

Sport without a referee

Because Ultimate is played without a referee, the game fully comes down to sportsmanship and respect from the teams and the players. This principle is also called Spirit of the game.

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