Other disciplines

Ultimate and Guts are popular disc sports, but certainly not the only ones. Both sports can also be played on different surfaces and both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor and Beach Ultimate

Ultimate is played outside on a large field with teams of 7 against 7, but it can also be played in smaller teams on a different surface or even inside. For instance, Beach Ultimate, which is played on the beach with teams of 5 on a smaller field, is very popular. In the Netherlands, Ultimate is played indoors in the winter.

Disc Golf

After Ultimate, Disc Golf is the most popular disc sport in the Netherlands and abroad. It’s all about trying to throw the disc in the disc pole-hole, a metal basket. Each hole has different obstacles such as trees, water or objects. The winner is the one who has used the least throws after 12 or 18 holes.

Double Disc Court (DDC)

Double Disc Court or DDC is played on a field consisting of two boxes of 13×13 metres, 17 metres apart. Teams of two each defend a box and they play with two discs at the same time. Points can be scored when the disc hits the ground of the box of the opponent and stays on the ground or when ending up outside the lines after having been touched.

Freestyle and more

Making creative, artistic and athletic movements with a disc on music. That is Freestyle in a nutshell. Freestyle is played in teams of two or three. A performance lasts between three to five minutes and a jury will judge the teams on accomplishment, level of difficulty and implementation. Check the website of WFDF for more disc disciplines.

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