Besides Ultimate, the game Guts is played during WFDF 2020 World Ultimate & Guts Championships in Leeuwarden. Although both sports are played with a disc, Guts and Ultimate are quite different from each other.

Dodgeball 2.0

Guts is similar to dodgeball (in Dutch ‘trefbal’). Two teams of five players are opposite each other at 14 meters distance, defending a line of 15 meters wide. By throwing the disc from behind your own line across the line of the other team, you can score points. If the disc is caught or if the disc is thrown across the line too high, too low, too wide or upside down, the attacking team does not get any points. The team that first scores 21 points, wins the match.

Rules of Guts

Guts uses a smaller and lighter disc than in Ultimate. Teams can throw the disc in turns. If you throw, you must first raise your hand. The defending team must then try and catch the disc with one hand. The players are allowed to hit the disc in the air and then catch it before it hits the ground, as long as it all happens in one movement. The player of the defending team who catches the disc or is the first to touch it, is the next to throw.

No referee

Like in the other disc sports, such as Ultimate and Disc Golf, there is no referee with Guts. The players themselves are responsible for the game according to the Spirit of the game principle.

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