Standard hotels

Standard hotels are good hotels with all the basic needs.

Standard hotels in Leeuwarden

Hostel Blokhuispoort Alibi**

Alibi Hostel is located at the old prison Leeuwarden the “Blokhuispoort”. The hostel is situated in one of the old cell blocks and as our guest you’ll be sleeping in a cell. The cell block was built in 1875 and has recently been restored to its original state, without sacrificing comfort or cosiness, which makes for a unique experience!

When you book the single room package you a dorm up to 17 people. The triple bunkbeds are divided into separate and can be closed off with a curtain to offer the maximum amount of privacy which makes sleeping in a dorm so much nicer. When you book the double room package you in a cell that is equipped with a bunkbed or two separate beds. Both are equipped with a socket and a nightlight. Lavatories and showers are in the hall.

Hotel ‘t Anker**

Hotel ‘t Anker is a low-budget hotel and lies in the middle of the historic and characteristic city center of Leeuwarden.  When you book the single room package you sleep in a dorm up to 10 people. When you book the double room package you sleep in a double room with a private en-suite bathroom.

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